Black desert shop rabatterie

black desert shop rabatterie

to 48m Item Cost (Pearl) Batian Dog 900 Black Mask. You can view many of the items by clicking the link in the tables or going to the. These prices never reflect sales. E-9 Armor Weapons Item Weapon Outfit Set (Awakening) Weapon Outift Set Outfit Set Armor Head Gloves Shoes Awakening Weapon Main Weapon Secondary Weapon Class Acher Guard 3,400 2,900 2,200 1,600 (Female) 2,000 (Male) 500 N/A 400 (Female) N/A (Male) All Aegis N/A 2,900 N/A 2,200. Can grow up to 4-sec item pick-up frequency and detection every 10 sec. The tables on this page show the in-game prices for all current Pearl Shop items. E-9 Item Weapon Costume Set (Awakening) Weapon Costume Set Costume Set Armor Helmet Shoes Awakening Weapon Main Weapon Secondary Weapon Class Anemos N/A N/A 2,200 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A All Canape N/A 2,900 2,200 1, N/A 750 450 All Da-Da-Da-Dum Diving Suit N/A. You can only choose from existing styles 250. Price Exchange, pearls 10 /.01 20 /.0098 30 /. E-7 All animals come with 20 x Nutritious Feed. The frequency and detection range increase as it grows. Pick up items every 10 sec.

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Gutscheine für lidl online shop 300.00. E-8 Item Cost (Pearl) Belle Epoque Ferry Set - Hull, Ship Cargo Container, Prow, Decoration 2,000 Belle Epoque Wagon Set - Frame, Wagon Cover, Wheel 2,000 Calpheon Chargers' Horse Gear Set - Barding, Champron, Saddle, Stirrups 2,000 (Set) 900 (Barding) 500 (Champron) 600 (Saddle) 300. E-7 Item Cost (Pearl) Cost (Bed) Cost (Bedside Table) Cost (Bookshelf) Cost (Chair) Cost (Dining Table) Cost (Drawers) Cost (Sofa) Cost (Table) Cost (Wardrobe) Beige Stripe Wallpaper 250 Brown Fabric Flooring 250 Crystal-decorated Chandelier 400 Dreaming Flower Wall 250 Flagstone Flooring 250 Golden Amethyst Chandelier. Pearl Shop Items page. . Speaking of which, the holidays are coming (eek). So search for gifts now. Those presents arent going to buy themselves.

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black desert shop rabatterie

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