War thunder gutschein von one hit kills

war thunder gutschein von one hit kills

it's not the case. While other guys in the exact same cercumstances seem to generate critical hits after critical hits? I guess all calculations are done serverwise, your client just shows you nice graphics. If they weren't using cheats/hacks than they were absolutely superb pilots! My pz that die of one shot against pretty much anything and can't even kill the same tank. Third engagement, I went head on in an IL-2 with their ME 262. So there is actually no way to cheat unless you hack the gameservers. Between the russian tank that way too OP (oh yeah lemme drive my t34 through your rank and not die at all from being shot by 5 tank) the game is being just a big effin nightmare.

Up a bit further guns and ammo get very strong and you're back to one shot kills again. So probably two things. One you need to learn where to hit your enemies, two learn how not to get hit. My Ju87-G1 one hits bombers all the time. 2x 37mm is no joke.

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My stug magicly die from one hit front hit by a small tank, or ricochet that put fire in my tank. Anyhow, it was really strange how they kept one shooting us with very small salvos and how they always knew were and when to turn. I love the game (much better than hp RPG tank) but lot of issue is killing it for.x. I went against this players myself and they beat the crap out of me, still I really suck so that doesn't say much. For example my Beufort.

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war thunder gutschein von one hit kills